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Step 0: Please, understand that divinatory guidance provides information that is related to your current state and shows how it can possibly evolve. It is based on a combination of different approaches (learn more here) and its basic method of operation is to bring something that compliments the current situation or shows it from a different perspective, to enable new activations to occur. Step 1: As a question. It can be something about your current state or something about the future. Anything, really, as long as you take it seriously. Step 3:  Choose the divinatory layout and principle that you use. The default one that we offer is based on a classic Tarot approach, where you pick one of 22 elements that will provide a reading of the current situation / question and how it can evolve. You can access it on Step 4:  Pick one element and open the reading. Step 5: It is always useful to think how a reading can be translated into a specific action you can take to inscribe it into the real. Our texts provide some examples and open invitations, which you can use as the starting points to explore your own ways to weave in the narratives you received to the ones that you’re weaving.